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The EP Quadruple Project The Embryo Project at Arizona State University is a collection of researchers who study the historical and social contexts of reproductive medicine, developmental biology, and embryology. The Embryo Project Encyclopedia publishes articles about the different aspects of embryology from Embryo Project researchers at http://embryo.asu.edu/. Those articles use historical narratives to show how people pursue and interpret science, how science is part of society, and how society is part of science. The EP Quadruple Project in Quadriga showcases relationships among actors, concepts, and places that were created for Embryo Project articles to provide a different way of exploring the contents of the Embryo Project Encyclopedia. To learn more about the Embryo Project Encyclopedia and the Embryo Project go to http://embryo.asu.edu/. Julia Damerow http://quadriga.io/sites/embryo
Women in Computing Annotation of interviews by Dr. Janet Abbate from 1996 to 1998 with fifty-two women in computing. Julia Damerow http://quadriga.io/sites/women-in-computing

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