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Realizing the Epistemic Web

The Epistemic Web is the next step to create "a universe of knowledge on the Web that parallels human knowledge". By "federating documents" (either by hand or automatically) different sources of knowledge will be combined in order to provide access to several sources at once and to qualify the relationships of different sources. As central repository to store datasets from different projects, Quadriga aims to achieve federation of knowledge as a first step towards the Epistemic Web. (Hyman, Malcolm D. and Jürgen Renn (2012). "Toward an Epistemic Web.")


Quadriga is based on so-called "Quadruples," also referred to as "contextualized triples." Quadruples are subject, predicate, object triples with a context that includes metadata such as by whom or when a Quadruple was created. You can annotate texts with Quadruples representing your interpretation of a text using VogonWeb. VogonWeb will submit your Quadruples to Quadriga persisting the relationships you create between concepts along with information about who, when, and for what text they were created.

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The Embryo Project at Arizona State University is a collection of researchers who study the historical and social contexts of reproductive medicine, developmental biology, and embryology. The Embryo Project Encyclopedia publishes articles about the different aspects of embryology from Embryo Project researchers at http://embryo.asu.edu/. Those articles use historical narratives to show how people pursue and interpret science, how science is part of society, and how society is part of science. The EP Quadruple Project in Quadriga showcases relationships among actors, concepts, and places that were created for Embryo Project articles to provide a different way of exploring the contents of the Embryo Project Encyclopedia. To learn more about the Embryo Project Encyclopedia and the Embryo Project go to http://embryo.asu.edu/.
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Annotation of interviews by Dr. Janet Abbate from 1996 to 1998 with fifty-two women in computing.
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Quadruples contain references to the exact position in a text where a concept is used or where a statement is made. We can use this feature to implement search engines that do not use string comparison techniques to find texts of interest, but rather search for the actual concept or statement in a text that the user is interested. To try out our prototype for such a search, head over to our text search interface.

The Digital Innovation Group

Quadriga is being developed by the Digital Innovation Group in the Center for Biology and Society at Arizona State University.

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Quadriga is open-source software hosted on GitHub.

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