We build software products for all your research needs.

DigInG provides services and resources for computational humanities software and infrastructure development. In addition, DigInG programmers provide support to academic units and individual researchers seeking to extend their research into the computational realm.

DigInG Icon Pack

Web icons made for commercial or personal use.

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JSTOR Importer

Import your JSTOR data into Elasticsearch.

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Place Name Resolver

Match place names with Wikipedia titles and retrieve their geographic coordinates.

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Amphora Bulk Upload Script

Jupyter Notebook to bulk upload files to Amphora.

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Publication Metadata Utility

Java library to parse publication metadata.

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Women in Computer Science

Network map of remarkable women in computer science.

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CORD19 Geo Explorer

Explore COVID19 publications worldwide.

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How did The Digital Innovation Group came to be?

Tools that enable historians and philosophers of science to interact with large volumes data lag behind those available in the natural sciences. Most training programs in the history and philosophy of science do not impart the skills necessary to take advantage of computational tools, and computer scientists receive little training in the humanities. DigInG aims to bridge that gap.

Do I need to pay to use the software?

All of our software is open source and can be found on GitHub. Most projects are developed using the Mozilla Public License 2.0. We welcome any contributions and new users and use cases.

How do I give feedback to DigInG?

Please get in touch with Julia (jdamerow@asu.edu) if you have any questions or comments.

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