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Spotlight: Taylor Quinn

July 05, 2019

Earlier this year, Taylor Quinn joined DigInG as a full-time Software Engineer after being a student worker for the past 1.5 years. We are excited to have him on board and it’s time for a short introduction!

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Python Graduates

June 07, 2019

On May 8-9, 2019, we’ve hosted our first “Intro to Python”-workshop. On the first day, Taylor Quinn talked about the basics of programming with Python such as variables, loops, functions, and how to use Jupyter Notebooks to run Python code.

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Intro to Python Workshop

May 02, 2019

Join us for the Digital Innovation Group workshop 'Intro to Python' on May 8th and 9th, 2019! Did you always wanted to learn how to program with Python, but never got a chance? If so, this workshop might be exactly what you were looking for. We will teach you your first steps with the Python programming language. No prior programming knowledge required!

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