Erick Peirson, Research Associate

Erick has a PhD in Biology (History & Philosophy of Science) and develops web applications for scholarly research.

Manfred Laubichler, Director

Dr. Laubichler is Presidents Professor of Theoretical Biology and History of Biology at ASU.

Julia Damerow, Head of Development

Julia is a software engineer focusing on the development of software for digital/computational history and philosophy of science and digital humanities.

Dirk Wintergr√ľn, Department I MPIWG

Dirk is in charge of software and infrastructure projects in Department I of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science.

Software Developers

DigInG Software Developers are a dynamic and creative team of student engineers. Our developers work in an agile environment to create robust, beautiful, and scalable software to support computational research. Each team member cultivates a unique skillset tailored to their career goals and intellectual interests, and receives one-on-one mentorship in software engineering. The first step to becoming a DigInG Software Developer is typically to participate as a DigInG Trainee. If you are interested in becoming a DigInG Software Engineer, please contact Julia Damerow (jdamerow@asu.edu).

Abhishek Kumar

Neehaarika Dasari

Namratha Olety Venkatesh


DigInG Researchers deploy our research tools and workflows to address a wide range of problems in the humanities, from a computational perspective. DigInG researchers come from both the sciences and humanities, and work closely with DigInG Developers to improve and extend our tools and methods. Our researchers are expected to develop and address their own research questions, based on their interests, and have the opportunity to acquire skills in computer science. The first step to becoming a DigInG Researcher is typically to participate as a DigInG Trainee. If you are interested in becoming a DigInG Researcher, please contact Julia Damerow (jdamerow@asu.edu).

Erin Bottino

Matthew Nunez

Bailey Reynolds

Simbarashe Sithole

Megan Bromley


DigInG Trainees are graduate and undergraduate students who participate in our computational humanities workshops and training courses. Trainees come from a wide range of departments on the ASU Tempe campus, including the School of Life Sciences, the School of Computing, Informatics, and Decision Systems Engineering, the Center for Biology and Society, the Department of English, the ASU Library. DigInG Trainees have the opportunity to join the DigInG Research and Software Development teams.

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Karthikeyan Mohan


Sanjana Vasudevan

Supraj Kolluri


Suraj Nilapwar

home away

Ramki Subramanian

Senior Software Engineer at Echostar Corporation

Viraaj Navalekar

Software Engineer at Facebook

Karan Kothari

Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Sowjanya Ambati

Software Developer (Alumna)

Chetan Ambi

Software Engineer II at eBay

Bianca Zietal

Researcher (Alumna)

Ken Aiello

PhD Student at Arizona State University

Dwaraka Lohith

Software Development Engineer at GoDaddy

SatyaSwaroop Boddu

Software Engineer at EPIC Systems

Bhargav Desai

Software Development Engineer at Amazon

Samantha Hauserman

Masters Student at University of Arizona

Rohit Pendbhaje

Software Developer at Capgemini

Prajakta Samant

Software Developer Engineer at Microsoft

Ram Kumar Kumaresan

Software Engineer at PayPal

Kiran Batna

Software Development Engineer in Test, Data at OpenX

Veena Borannagowda

Software Developer (Alumna)

Ashwin Prabhu Verleker

Software Engineer at Microsoft

Sayalee Mehendale

Software Engineer at Cisco Systems

Yogananda Kishore Yalugoti


Abhishek Singh

Q-Sensei Corp.

Genevieve Pirotte

Nischal Samji

Nayely Velez-Cruz

Tushar Jain

Sushmita Kistamsetty

Jitesh Kamble

Chiraag Subramanian

Abhijith Krishnan Radhakrishna Kurup

Mihika Shah

Taylor Quinn

Pranav Sharan