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July 01, 2016 / by /

DigInG goes International

JUNE 31, 2016 — BERLIN — DigInG has grown! As of June, 2016, the Digital Innovation Group at ASU has merged with software development activities within Department I of the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin, Germany to form an efficient and agile software development and innovation unit for computational history of knowledge.

This new institutional configuration reflects the long history of collaboration between the Laubichler Lab and the MPIWG. DigInG will streamline joint production of tools for computational research in the humanities.

Department I (Structural Changes in Systems of Knowledge), directed by Dr. Jürgen Renn, aims to “develop a theoretical understanding of knowledge evolution, taking into account its epistemic, social and material dimensions.” [ref] Dirk Wintergrün is responsible for software and infrastructure projects in the Department, and we’re excited to gain his expertise within DigInG.

This summer, we will begin to implement a new coordinated development plan for an integrated computational history and philosophy of science (cHPS) research platform. The first steps will focus on linking annotation tools for a variety of digital media, and exchanging tools and knowledge about bibliographic network analysis.