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June 10, 2016 / by /

DigInG visits Benelux

JUNE 10, 2016 — BELVAL — The developers and researchers of the Digital Innovation Group (DigInG) at ASU have had a busy year. Some of their hard work was on display this week at the DH Benelux Conference 2016 in Belval, Luxembourg.

Drs. Julia Damerow and Erick Peirson, who co-founded DigInG in 2012, showcased two products that have been under heavy development by DigInG workshop participants and lab members over the last several years: VogonWeb, a collaborative text annotation platform (with super-powers) for scholars, and Quadriga , a project management platform for network-based analysis and visualization.

Damerow and Peirson were invited to present the group’s work as part of the workshop, “Network Analysis in the Cultural Heritage Sector,” organized by the Digital Humanities lab at the Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l’Europe on June 8. They also gave a demonstration of the software at the DH Benelux poster and demonstration session on June 9. The conference was held at the Belval campus of the University of Luxembourg, and was attended by scholars and technology professionals from across western Europe, including Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

VogonWeb and Quadriga are part of a broader infrastructure for computational humanities research inspired by the concept of the “Epistemic Web,” first described by Malcolm Hyman and Jürgen Renn in 2012. Hyman and Renn described the Epistemic Web as “a universe of knowledge that parallels human knowledge.” VogonWeb and Quadriga provide some of the tools that will allows scholars to implement that vision.